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Opening hours of Maison Forte de Reignac

The Maison Forte de Reignac is open every day, including public holidays, from the start of the February vacation to the end of the Christmas vacations.

Last admission: 45min before closing time.

Practical information for your visit of la Maison Forte de Reignac

The Maison Forte de Reignac is located in Tursac, 24 620, on the D706.

What you need to know


Secure tour route

The tour is sheltered (from rain, cold and heat), and the route is signposted and numbered. All information is displayed in French.


Visit booklet

It is on loan from the ticket office. In English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew and Estonian.


Dogs allowed

They must be kept on a leash.


Bicycle parking

This space is located on the parking lot level, just below the Maison Forte de Reignac.

trekking pole

Pointed walking sticks & Large umbrellas

They are not authorized. You can leave them at reception.


Free parking

It is spacious and easy to manoeuvre for buses and motorhomes.

baby carriage


They are not accessible, so bring a baby carrier.

image gallery

Authorized photos

Throughout the Maison Forte de Reignac site.


We have a large free parking lot close to the site, partly shaded. It can accommodate motorcycles, cars, buses and campers.

There is a second, smaller free parking lot just below the Maison Forte de Reignac. It is reserved exclusively for cars. We can privatize part of the parking lot for groups of classic vehicles.


Read our answers to the questions most frequently asked by our visitors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Is the site stroller-accessible?

The site is stroller-accessible right up to the reception area. La Maison Forte de Reignac is not open to the public, however, due to the presence of staircases. Tip: opt for a baby carrier. Seating is available on all floors. Benches and chairs are available. You can leave your stroller at reception.

Do you need any special equipment to visit La Maison Forte?

This is an indoor site. No special equipment is required. Our visitors are sheltered from the rain, even on the upper terraces. In hot weather, the rock shelter provides a nice natural coolness.

Are dogs allowed in La Maison Forte?

Yes. Leashed dogs are welcome throughout the La Maison Forte de Reignac site.

Is the site accessible to wheelchair users?

It is not possible to visit La Maison Forte in a wheelchair. Stairs are the only way to get from one floor to the next.

Can you visit La Maison Forte at your own pace?

Yes. Visitors are free to explore La Maison Forte de Reignac. All information is displayed in the various rooms. You can take your time and progress at your own pace. You can rest on the benches and chairs inside the monument.

The tour invites visitors to climb to the upper terraces, but you don’t have to. At any time, you can choose the route you wish to take.

Is there a special rate for the disabled?

Yes. On presentation of the Mobility Inclusion Card (CMI), which is gradually replacing the traditional disability cards. Holders of this card will benefit from a reduced rate for visits to La Maison Forte de Reignac and the exhibition room on inquisition and torture.

How long does it take to visit La Maison Forte de Reignac?

The average visit takes about an hour from La Maison Forte de Reignac to the torture exhibition. Because the visit to the site is free, the time spent will depend directly on your itinerary and the time spent reading the information displayed…

Is the Maison Forte de Reignac suitable for children?

Yes. The site is perfectly suited to children. A guide booklet has also been produced for them. A copy is offered to each family.

Is the exhibition on torture, inquisition and capital punishment suitable for children?

This room is located outside La Maison Forte, after the boutique area. Access to the showroom is at the parents’ discretion. They can enter first to find out about the contents of the exhibition and decide accordingly.

A clearly visible sign, just before the entrance to the room, warns visitors that the theme may shock sensitive people. This exhibition features objects and instruments of torture, with explanatory notes. There is, of course, no staging or sound to illustrate the theme. This is a historic site, where we have a duty to remember.

Are guided tours available at La Maison Forte de Reignac?

No. This site is open to the public. The route is signposted and numbered, and information on the various rooms is posted.

Do you have tour guides for non-French-speaking travelers?

Yes. We provide free guides in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Hebrew, Russian and Estonian for our non-French-speaking visitors.

Where is La Maison Forte de Reignac located?

The Maison Forte de Reignac is located in the commune of Tursac (24,260), on the D706, between Montignac-Lascaux and Les Eyzies-de-Tayac…

  • Distance from Montignac to Lascaux: 23 km, or 20 minutes.
  • Distance from Les Eyzies-de-Tayac: 10 km, or 10 minutes.
  • Distance from Sarlat: 24 km, 25 minutes.
What payment methods are accepted?

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • Credit card,
  • Species,
  • Vacation vouchers,
  • Bank cheques.
Is it possible to eat on site?

No. The site does not offer catering facilities. Depending on the season, there are many restaurants in the area:

  • Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, 10 km away,
  • in Tursac, 2 km away,
  • Peyzac-le-Moustier, 2 km away,
  • in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, 4 km away
  • and Montignac-Lascaux, 23 km away.
Is there bike parking on site?

Yes, there’s a bike park with 18 spaces. This space is located in the parking lot just below La Maison Forte de Reignac.

How far is the parking lot from the reception area?

The reception is 100 meters from the parking lot.

Is booking compulsory?

No, reservations are not required for individuals.

However, groups are required to make a reservation for greater comfort.

Can people with walking difficulties visit all or part of the Maison Forte de Reignac?

Parking is available about 100 meters from reception. It’s reached by a small path, a leisurely ascent at your own pace.

The visit is unguided. Take your time to discover the Maison Forte de Reignac at your leisure. First you’ll visit the first floor. You’ll then climb the first stone staircase as you continue your tour.

You’ll then visit the 1ᵉʳ floor, and so on. Benches and chairs are available on the various levels of the site. Handrails and support ramps also make your journey easier.

I’m afraid of heights. Do I have to go up to the upper terraces?

No. Access to the upper terraces is a round trip. So you don’t have to access it to continue your visit. Note that the upper terraces essentially offer the view. All the uniqueness of La Maison Forte de Reignac is concentrated in the “cliff castle”.

The store

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